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Meet Matt Bills at BIOMEDevice Boston May 3rd and 4th
Extrusion Engineering Days at Apollo
Save Cost on Braided Catheters with Continuous Braided Catheter Tubing
Minimum Extrusion Runs as Low as $500
Visit Apollo at Booth 2213 – MD&M West
Escape Winter – Come to MD&M West
Big Sale on "Off-the-Shelf" Tubing Kits
Order Today for Delivery Before Christmas
It’s down to the Wire...Apollo expands braiding capabilities with 16, 24 and 32 carrier braiders
Apollofest 2016
Apollo, All Grown Up Now!
Visit Us at MD&M East Booth 2163
Taking the Mystery out of Multi-Lumen Tubing
Multi-Lumen and Braided PEEK Tubing at Apollo
Apollo Medical Extrusion Technologies – The “Reel” Story
Spring is here! Apollo offers Spring and Coil Reinforced Tubing
Apollo Expands “Off-the-Shelf” program with PEEK, Propell™ and BASO4
Meet the Catheter Development Team at MD&M West
PEEK Tubing at Apollo Medical Extrusion
Christmas Gifts for the Catheter Engineer
The A-Team at BioMedevice in San Jose
Steerable Catheter Liners “Off-the-Shelf”
Win a $500 Visa Gift Card at Apollo Booth 1361!
Meet the Catheter Development Team at MD&M Minneapolis
Is Matt Bills an Alien?
Braiding, Tipping, Printing at Apollo
Torq-Lok Catheters from Apollo!
We Choose to go to the Moon
$799 Minimum Extrusion Runs…Still at Apollo
Funky Profile Extrusions
Apollo at MD&M East
From Prototype to Production, Apollo produces it all!
Deflectable Catheter Shafts from Apollo
Apollo Expands Website to Detail New Capabilities
The Latest Catheter Manufacturing Advancements at MD&M West Booth 1784
Braided Catheter Shafts: Off-the-Shelf
The Shortest Lead Times in the Extrusion Industry
Medical R&D Tubing, Now as low as $99.
Braided and Coiled Catheters from Apollo.
Apollo Medical Extrusion storms BioMedevice San Jose, Booth 437
Cyber Monday: Save 50% on all Off-the Shelf Tubing
The Most Tubing Options in the Industry
Meet us in Minneapolis at MD&M, Booth 348
Apollo expands again! Come to our Open House today in Sandy Utah
Tapered Tubing from Apollo
Micro-Catheters at Apollo Medical Extrusion.
Medical R&D Tubing – Next Day!
Kelpac Medical, ProPlate and EMI UV to be at Apollo’s “Kick-off” open house Wednesday September 10th
Apollo Kick-off Tailgate Party!!!
Custom Multi-Lumen tubing in 1-WEEK
Apollo Medical Extrusion at MD&M West Booth 1271
Free Catheter Resource Kit from Apollo Medical Extrusion
Apollo Medical Extrusion at MD&M East Booth 1775
Apollo: When Tight Tolerance Extrusions Matter
New at Apollo, Polyurethane tubing “Off-the-Shelf”
$799 Minimum Extrusion runs shipped in 2-3 days.
Now at Apollo, “Off-the-Shelf” Catheter Beading in PE and lubricious Pebax.
Apollo Medical Extrusion at Biomedevice Booth 757
The Shortest extrusion lead times in the industry, Apollo Medical Extrusion
Cyber Monday Save 50% on all “Off-The-Shelf” tubing
“Open Door Policy” at Apollo’s R&D Extrusion Lab
Multi-lumen tubing delivered within 1 day- 2 weeks.
$799 Minimum Extrusion Runs!
Super-Lubricious Pebax™ Tubing
Balloon Tubing from Apollo Medical Extrusion
“Off-The-Shelf” Catheter tubing for development, prototypes and medical device proof-of-concept projects.
Sub-Ultra-Thin-Wall Tubing as thin as 0.0005″
Utah’s Only Independent Medical Extrude
$799 Minimum Extrusion Runs!
3, 2, 1, lift off…Apollo Medical Extrusion has launched!
Matt Bills and Apollo Medical Extrusion


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