Meet Matt Bills at BIOMEDevice Boston May 3rd and 4th

If you plan on attending the BioMedevice show next week and have a technical extrusion question to discuss, Matt Bills, our extrusion Guru and company President will be on hand to work with you and review your opportunity.

Apollo Medical Extrusion’s A-Team, led by Matt, handles the most difficult extrusions in the shortest amount of time. Need a 20-lumen catheter tube? Apollo will ship product in 7-10 days ARO. Need a simple single lumen tube? Apollo’s standard lead time for R&D runs is between 2-3 days. Not to mention the hundreds of tubes available “Off-the-Shelf” for immediate shipping at

Apollo will also have steerable, braided and coil-reinforced catheter shafts for evaluation in Booth 752.

(We originally tried to get Carl Weathers “Apollo Creed” from “Rocky”. He was unavailable so Matt stepped in instead)

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