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“Manufacturability” and Consistent Quality
and Consistent Quality
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“Off-The-Shelf” Catheter Tubing
Catheter Tubing
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Apollo Designs for “Manufacturability” and Consistent Quality

We will offer you a genuine solution to your extrusion challenges by offering honest feedback on design, processability and materials. We will not make extrusion requests sound more challenging than they actually are. It is true, we may not be able to execute every extrusion request, but we can work with you to design something that not only meets your requirements, but is also extrudable!
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The Tighter the Tolerance the Better the Challenge

Our engineers love the challenge of succeeding where others fail or “no quote” on a tough extrusion project. We have successfully extruded 20 lumen profiles and even replaced reflow process manufacturing because of our ability to hold the tightest tolerances in the industry. Our technologies and innovations enable more cost effective manufacturing by reducing or eliminating secondary process, scrap, and re-work processes.
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“Off-The-Shelf” Catheter Tubing

Being the starting point for every new catheter and medical device application requiring extrusion is the goal at Apollo Medical Extrusion Technologies. That is why we offer “Off-The-Shelf” Catheter Tubing in single and multi-lumen configurations available for purchase 24 hours a day at www.apollomedex.com.

We have enabled our customers to create simple proof-of-concept prototypes quickly and inexpensively by providing a full spectrum of tubing sizes and materials available for immediate delivery. We offer over 250 different configurations available for overnight shipping and for as little as $99. You can select extruded tubing in a range of diameters, wall thicknesses, durometers, and lumen configurations (single, 2, 3 and 4 lumen tubes available), as well as support beading and braided catheter shafts. We offer the convenience of on-line shopping for easy selection and fast delivery. All Off-The-Shelf tubing comes in standard 48" lengths.
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Research and Development Kits

For companies that have multiple ongoing R&D projects, Apollo Medical Extrusion Technologies offers all of our “Off-The-Shelf” Catheter Tubing in a variety of kits. Choose from our single lumen, dual lumen, triple lumen, and quad lumen kits. Our entire array of offerings are packaged, organized, labeled and shipped to you. Kits include tubing from 35D-72D Pebax in sizes 2-12 French in a multitude of wall thickness for a total of 120 different configurations of single lumen catheter tubes and 45 different configurations of multi-lumen tubing.
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$799 Minimum Extrusion Runs

Once a project has passed the proof-of-concept phase and is ready to be refined, the need for speed and cost play key factors in the next stage of the design process. That is why Apollo offers minimum extrusion runs beginning at $799 for single lumen tubing. Apollo stocks Pebax materials from 35D-72D in both natural and 20% BaSO4 filled compounds, as well as Nylon 12. Apollo can produce and ship these extrusions within 2-3 business days in most cases. Some of our customers ship proprietary compounds and materials to be extruded to their specifications. At Apollo, we want you to feel we give you the best value in the industry.
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Customer Designed Multi-Lumen Tubing in 7 Business Days.

Apollo prides itself in being the most efficient manufacturer of multi-lumen tubing in the world. With our efficiencies, Apollo is able to offer some of the shortest lead-times in the industry. Our customers have the option of utilizing our “standard multi-lumen” profile tooling to receive their tubing in days rather than weeks or months with no upcharge for tooling and development. Apollo also offers “Custom” multi-lumen and profile tooling are made in less than 7 working days enabling Apollo to efficiently deliver the highest quality tubing in the least amount of time.

We are so confident in our custom multi-lumen service that we offer this promise. If you order your custom multi-lumen within 24 hours of receiving our quote and you receive a lower quoted price before we ship your tubing to you, simply show us the competitive quote and we will match the price. After all, time is money when working on your catheter project.
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Sub-Ultra-Thin-Wall Tubing as Thin as 0.0005"

Apollo Medical Extrusion Technologies continues to push the envelope when it comes to finding the extrusion limits of materials for catheter extrusions. By thinning out the walls we are able to increase the areas for stents, sensors and other medical devices while minimizing the wall thickness of the catheter. Apollo also makes “Sub-Ultra-Thin-Wall” multi-lumen tubing.

Apollo has successfully extruded 0.0005" wall thickness (in Nylon 12, 0.016"x0.017" diameter) without the use of a core and have achieved the cross sectional goals of our customers using various Pebax, Nylon and Urethane materials. Applications include Diabetes and Dialysis catheters, CGM devices, Angiographic and neurovascular catheters, steerable catheters, micro-catheters and all reflow catheter applications.
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Balloon Tubing

By using our proprietary processing and material handling techniques; Apollo Medical Extrusion Technologies manufactures to the specifications of the most demanding balloon manufacturers. Apollo takes a “No Black Box” approach when it comes to working with our customers, allowing them to participate in the extrusion process and development of process parameters that ensure repeatability of performance and function. Our processes also eliminate “gels”and “fish-eyes” often found in other, less-robust extrusion processes.
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Tapered Tubing

Apollo now offers tapered single and multi-lumen tubing. Utilizing the latest “state-of-the-art” equipment just installed and validated in our Sandy, Utah location.

Tapered tubing is used in multiple applications for PICC catheters, Cardiovascular ports (CVP catheters) Neurovascular catheters and Neonatal catheter applications where the actual tubing size needs to be increased to add luers and connectors. Tapered tubing also allows for strain reliefs eliminating the need for secondary processing.
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Apollo’s expertise includes co-extrusion of single and multi-lumen tubing. Combining various engineered resins into one tubing brings enhanced performance and improved appearance to almost any extrusion profile. Multiple layers of resin provide increased burst pressure while maintaining flexibility for critical balloon applications. Co-Extruded polymer stripes can be employed for simple color identification of tubing, or for enhanced performance such as selective radiopacity or conductivity. Apollo’s technology and expertise will allow your co-extruded tubing design to become a reality.
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